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Saturday, April 12, 2014


That's what Gus says when he sees a truck or car.  He loves watching them go by the house and now he has a quilt of vroom vroom.

I while back I quilted this type of quilt for Karla, and Gus fell in love with the quilt, he cried if he couldn't touch it.

Karla was generous enough to give me her left overs, and I purchased the sashing borders and backing.

Gus is napping now, (he is suppose to be anyway). When he gets up I will give him his quilt.

I'm thinking I have to make a second one, he can have this one at his house, and I will need one for here.

I quilted with wavy lines so he can use them as roads when he plays with his matchbox cars.  LOL not like he will follow the lines right now but someday when he is older he might.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Its A 2fer Day

By that I mean I completed quilting of 2 quilts today.

Customer quilts:

Liz and her friends should be very proud of their handy work.  This quilt is going to the Veterans Home in Janesville.

Optical illusion, looks like there are curves, but actually the look comes from the use of rulers that are straight cut angles.  The pattern is called Chain of Events.  The color is off - it is really a  butter yellow.

I should have spent time outside, as the temps were in the 60's, however, because Gus was home with his daddy I took the time to finish some of my quilting.

The little guys is going to be with me for the next few days even over the weekend.  Hopefully, we can get outside for some of that time.

He loves being outside.  Yesterday he got his shoes, grabbing his coat and telling me "bye bye".  Who could say no to that.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Good Use Of Worn Blue Jean

Customer brought this top to be quilted.

She used blue jeans and MY pattern Floating Stars.

To avoid hitting the joined seams which would have been almost impossible to go through without throwing off the stitching or even breaking a needle, I used free motion meandering;  This way I could guide the needle around the extra thick seams.

I think meandering was a good choice for this one anyway.

Love that she used my pattern to make this quilt.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Couple Of Little Things

Gus and I went to breakfast with "aunt DeeDee" and "cousin Kathie".

By the time we came home it was nap time for Gus and I really got quite a lot done while he took a 2 hr nap.

Before he came this morning I managed to sew on the binding to aunt Mary's quilt.

Last night I finished the paper piecing star block and this morning added a border around the block:

During nap time I made 2 labels for quilts - sewed the borders on "Wanda's Dream Catcher" sample quilt and quilted it - simple rick rack - or some people call it EKG.

This will be donated to long term care here in Edgerton for a wheel chair lap quilt.

I managed to get all of this done before Gus got up from his nap.

Now he is up and ready for the afternoon, so no more sewing/playing for me.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Quilt For Mary

My  BFF Nettie has an aunt Mary, which over the years I think of her as my aunt.

Her birthday is coming soon, so I made her a cute quilt she can cuddle with.

I quilted it free motion with very large flowers and swirls

A Class In Clinton

Took my friend Diane with me to a Foundation Paper Piecing class yesterday.

I have wanted to learn this for years and finally had the opportunity to take a class.

We enjoyed it tremendously and treated ourselves to a great pizza at "Boxcars" in Clinton.

Here is what I managed to finish in class:

The house was our first project and when we finished we started the star flower - don't know if that is what you call it but that is the way I described it.

PP is difficult and yet not.  It does take concentration, so this will not be a mindless sewing project that is for sure.

I have checked 2 of my to learn lists:  Hand turn applique and now Paper Piecing.

The trick now is to do more projects so I don't forget everything I learned.

I'm feeling better, at least I don't have the symptoms I did have and hopefully with meds I will be able to stay feeling well.

Gus is here today and he is already making me laugh.  He is playing vroom vroom with his matchbox cars and the path he wanted was under the kitchen chair (on purpose) he then tried to squeeze under the chair rungs - but got stuck.  Once I lifted the chair off of him he continued pushing his car around vroom vroom, but taking a clearer path.

Its going to be a good day.

Monday, March 31, 2014

A Few Days Updates

Quilted a customer quilt - she is also a friend which makes it nice -  Linda Kjendlie made this beauty

Went to Stoughton Quilt show which ended up with me going to ER ....

Not to worry - I have been having some issues for past week, and thought I was having heart health problems.

After a night in the hospital and several tests, they have given me a clean bill of health physically - the mental issue not so clear.  Apparently I have dealing with depressions, anxiety.

I thought I had been working through my grief, but I know now I wasn't actually dealing with it or letting myself go through the process.  Been building it up until it took over and I made myself ill.

DR. Appointment today went well, we are scheduling a stress test for Tuesday just to rule out anything the tests might have missed.  I have been prescribed a medicine to help me sleep (apparently 2 to 4 hours is not enough) really? and the medication is also to help with my mood.

Lets hope so.

To give myself a pick me up went shopping for some spring outdoor decorations - instead of buying ready made I came home and  made myself a spring wreath.

I must have forgotten how to use a glue gun because I have at least 5 really good glue burns on my fingers, one is even blistered.   Oh well takes my mind of other complaints for a few minutes anyway.

Now Im  going to go sit by my pond and watch the fish.