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Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Good the Bad the Easy

That's what I call some of my quilting =  for these 3 - easy  - just the simple edge to edge pantos or free motion -

and then...........

Customizing is so not easy - but amazingly beautiful -  which is what I'm working on now for a customer - this however, will be taking a few days to complete - especially since I have to have my machine timed.

Luckily I called a repairman that comes directly to the house so no need to haul my machine anywhere.

He is coming tomorrow morning and with luck I might get this custom quilt finished by end of week.  

The beginning of a beautiful quilt.  Delay Delay Delay

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Quilting Room Is Open

Couldn't wait to get back at it again - already finished one customer quilt today!!!

Free motion paisley feathers

And its only 1pm now what should I do?????????/

There's No Place Like Home

Click your heels together and say this over and over -  There's No Place Like Home !!!

As most know I went with my granddaughter, great grandson and her future husband to the Jersey Shore for a long vacation.

In truth I loved seeing the ocean for the first time, met some really terrific new friends - ate way too much - but that is to be expected on vacation right?  And had a really nice time but..............  I had not realized how much I would miss my routine.

I'm a lucky person, and must tell myself this more often.  How many can say they really enjoy what they do on a daily basis.

Being retired from the outside working world I'm on vacation everyday- I pretty much do whatever it is I want to do day and night.

Left here Tuesday night 8pm rode to PA straight through the night and day and arrived around 2pm  Wed - spent a couple of days in PA  - eating and shopping - of course (no fabrics shops grrrr) or maybe that was a good thing.

Went to the "shore" on Friday and OK I'm going to say it  - WOW so excited to see the ocean - my very first time ever in Jersey and seeing the ocean.

Check off bucket list - Ocean - Boardwalk

Put on a bathing suit for the first time in past 20 or more years -  never thought I would fit this "fluffy" grandma body into a suit again, but after much encouragement from everyone here I gave in.  And you know that was fun - swimming at poolside where we stayed - and dipping my feet into the ocean -  That's as far as I would go into the water "Jaws" you know hehehehehe.  Not really,. there were plenty of other morsels that were actually in the water if "Jaws" wanted a snack.   My only fear was getting knocked down and not getting back up.

I have one of those shapes and enough replaced body parts that when I get down and I cant get back up unless I do a "crab crawl"  

We had some good laughs watching gma trying her best to get her butt up from a beach chair.  After several attempts my granddaughter and her fiance took pity on me and helped me to my feet. Not once but twice -  the laugh - if you wanted to get rid of me just leave me sitting on a beach someplace they would find me still trying to get up.

16 hours of driving and we arrived home and I was ever so happy to see home and say goodbye to my vacation.

I will have some really fond memories of the past 10 days but like I said there is no place like home.

My plan was to rest up from the trip, but in reality, I cant just sit around - so I unpacked everything started the wash, inspected my flowers and cleared an entire flower bed of weeds - a customer stopped by with a new quilt top , which will get loaded today.

Really missed not sewing and the touch of new fabric.  Crazy right.   Unless you are a sewer you have no idea what I'm talking about for those of you who do - well you understand, don't you?

Can you believe it, there were no quilters or fabric shops where I was - talk about a week of with drawl -yikes -  

The biggest highlight of the trip besides the sights, my granddaughter got engaged.

It was so perfectly special with his family and I there to witness the proposal, and her reaction.

Brittany, like most of us in this family, have what you call and "ugly cry" by that I mean the face gets scrunched up into the most awful twisted look but even with the "ugly cry" look she was so happy to get the proposal and wear the new ring.

There were many tears shed just watching the two or them hold each other tight.

Congratulations Brittany and DJ - hugs and prayers you have a wonderful and happy life together.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ok One More Post Mini Show

Before I leave for my vacation (yes another trip)  I manage to finish all the quilts that I had planned on doing before leaving.

It was peddle to the metal and keeping my nose to the grindstone but alas I can leave without thinking of all that needs to be done when I return.

There are a few here waiting but they are not in a hurry and can wait until Mid or End July.

Now its off to lunch with a girlfriend, nails getting all pretty and a cut and color on my crown - back to packing etc etc etc

I will try to share some of the fun I'm having while I'm away 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Just A few More

been keeping really really busy quilting for others.  Instead of doing a blog post for each thought might just stack up a few photos and give them to you in a group.

Consider it a mini quilt show.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Now sing it -  thats what I was doing when I quilted this one for a customer - the song kept popping into my head.

Pantograph Diamonds are Forever

How cute is this - she made this during our retreat last April - fun fun quilt

I was going to load another quilt today but got sidetracked, as usual, on something else - this afternoonits sew day with the girls in Milton -  if Im a good girl and dont spend too much time here I might get it ready just before I leave.

Im packed for sewing, just a matter of finishing here, dishes, make bed, shower -  yes there is time hehehehhe.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Quilting Is Fun

I really enjoyed doing this wall hanging/table topper.

Using rulers and free motion McTavish, stippling and pebbles I completed the quilt.

Honestly very pleased with the way it looks.